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Henry McKinley and Jane Smith Walker

Henry McKinley was born 10 March 1853 at Clogher (Irish: Clochar), Tyrone, Ireland. Clogher is a small place, and so it is considered a village, even though there is a Church of Ireland cathedral there. It is located on the River Blackwater. He was the oldest son of Henry Summerville McKinley and his wife, Jane Reid. According to family notes, Henry was a drummer boy in the military at the age of ten.

Jane Smith Walker was also born in 1853, at Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Her parents were James Walker and Mary Greenshields.

On 23 May 1873, Henry and Jane were married at Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland, her home town, and his place of residence at the time. Govan, (Scottish Gaelic: Baile a' Ghobhainn), once an agricultural and fishing village, is situated 2.5 miles West of Glasgow City Center, on the S bank of the River Clyde, opposite the mouth of the River Kelvin and the district of Partick. During the Middle Ages, Govan was the site of a ferry which linked the area with Partick for seasonal cattle drovers; in the 18th and 19th centuries, weaving and coal mining were important; and in the early 19th century, shipbuilding emerged as Govan's principal industry.

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Alexander and William were born at Govan. By the time their third child was born, they were living 167 miles south at Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England, situated at the tip of the Furness peninsula on the NW edge of Morecambe Bay, where Henry was employed as a ship joiner. One by one, Mary, Henry, James, Duncan, Albert, Hugh, and Alfred were born at Barrow. On the 1881 census, the family was living at Devonshire Bdgs 11. Duncan is our ancestor.
Henry McKinley, married, M, age 28, born in Ireland, ship joiner; Jane McKinley, wife, age 28, F, botn in Scotland; Alexander McKinley, son, M, age 9, born in Scotland, scholar; William S. McKinley, son, M, age 7, born in Scotland, scholar; Mary McKinley, daur, F, born at Barrow, Lancashire, England, scholar; Henry J. McKinley, son, M, age 1, born at Barrow, Lancashire, England.

By 1891, the family was complete and they were living at at 30 Earle Street. As the boys came of age, they also began employment in the ship building industry.
Henry McKinlay, married, age 38, ship joiner, born in Ireland; Jame McKinlay, wife, age 38, born in Scotland; Alexander, son, single, age 19, ship boiler maker, born in Scotland; William, son, single, age 16, ship laborer, born in Scotland; Mary, daur, single, age 14, living at home, born in Scotland; Henry, son, age 11, scholar, born at Lancashire, Barrow; James, son, age 9, scholar, born at Lancashire, Barrow; Duncan, son, age 7, scholar, born at Lancashire, Barrow; Albert, son, age 7m, born at Lancashire, Barrow.

They were still living at 30 Earl Street on the 1901 census. Henry's mother, Jane, was living with them.
Henry McKinley, married, age 48, shipyard joiner, Ireland; Jane McKinley, wife, age 48, Scotland; William S. McKinley, son, single, age 27, shipyard laborer, Scotland; James McKinley, son single, age 19, apprentice shipyard worker; Lancashire, Barrow; Duncan G. McKinley, son age 12, apprentice electrician, Lancashire, Barrow; Albert E. McKinley, son, age 10, Lancasahire, Barrow; Hugh McKinley, son, age 7, Lancashire, Barrow; Jane McKinley, mother, widow, age 74, Ireland.

Henry died on 10 December 1913, at Chatham, Kent, England, leaving Jane a widow. She did not die until 13 August 1935. According to her death certificate, she was at home at 30 Earle Street, as witnessed by her son, William Somerville McKinley.


Wren/Karen said...

I remember how thrilling it was to see these guys on the census. Genealogy kind of rocks.

Roger said...

Here is a link to the street...
30 Earle Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England
I am sure that the neighborhood (Earle Street) has changed a little, but probably not too much. There are still naval shipyards. It is right near BAE Sytems - Submarine Solutions. Probably a lot like Bremerton.