Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bremhill, Home of Jane Rivers

This Bremhill photo and other churches of Britain and Ireland can be found here.

John Rivers and his wife, Mary Driver, lived at Bremhill, Wiltshire, England. Their five children were Ann, John, Jane, Sarah, and Elizabeth. Our ancestor, Jane, was christened on 6 March 1768 at Bremhill, possibly in this very church.

Jane's children were Charles, Robert, Abraham, and Mary. Abraham was our ancestor, who immigrated to the United States. Since Charles was born in 1790, Jane would logically be married at that time, except that all of her children kept the name of Rivers. The man attributed as being her spouse was John Bessant. What to say about this? I do not know, since I did not do this research myself.

I can tell you that Bremhill, or Bremble, is a village and a parish in Wiltshire. The village is located on the Roman road to Bath, and is about 2 1/2 miles north of Calne, the market town. Below is a picture of Calne. Bath is about 17 1/2 miles west and slightly south.

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JEB01 said...

Hi, I read your details with some interest as your ancestor, Jane Rivers, was the sister of my ancestor Ann Rivers.

Ann was Jane's elder sister. She married my x4 grandfather Benjamin in Bremhill in 1792.

I have some notes about the Rivers sisters - Ann, Jane, and Sarah. Also about Abraham Rivers, one of Jane's children, who eventually emigrated to the USA with his wife and children. Did you know that as a younger man he was sent to jail on three occasions, twice for poaching - no doubt to try and put food on the table for his his family. Very hard times.

I live in the UK - not that far from Bremhill, which even today is a small village.

There are some old cottages on the main street, that our common ancestors might have been familiar with, plus of course the Church, where they would almost certainly have been married, and buried.