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Lorraine Frampton was born on 29 March 1951 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Her parents were William Vere Frampton, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth Louise Paradis. She was the oldest of three children. Lorrie kept a list of all the places they lived while she was a child. They were in Clovis, New Mexico from January 1952 to September 1953. They returned to Salt Lake City until April of 1956, when they moved to Valdosta, Georgia, followed by Dover, Delaware, and back to Valdosta in 1957.

They ended 1957 in Waco, Texas, and stayed there until they moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1959. In 1960, they were in Kalamazoo, Michigan and ended the year in Speedway, Indiana, where they stayed until May, 1962. Between 1962 and 1964, they lived in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee.

In 1965, they moved to Lizton, Indiana. Lorrie graduated from North Salem High School, at North Salem, Indiana on 25 May 1969.

In April of 1969 the family returned to Salt Lake City, where they lived until August 1972. Lorrie attended BYU for three years, majoring in Interior Design. She also took time out to take a fun trip to Hawaii. She bought a round trip ticket to be sure to have the means to get home. Then she went to Hawaii to live and work for an undecided time. She was there about three months. This is a picture taken in Hawaii.

The family moved to San Maeto, California in 1972, and lived there until 1976, which is how she met George. Lorrie married George Duncan White on 10 April 1974 at the LDS temple in Oakland, Alameda, California. You can double click to get a better look at this page.

They had four children.

She died on 14 April 1986 at Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, after a lengthy hospital stay.

This is how they looked when she passed her special little treasures to me. It would be nice to have comments of your memories of Lorrie. You can also correct my errors!

Lorrie's Doodling

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